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Hagrid has a merle and white coat. He stands out from the rest in group photos and will surely have people on the street asking what kind of dog he is. Since he has merle markings, he may have inheritied one, maybe even two blue eyes but we won't know for sure for a few more weeks. Each blue eye has a $100 extra in the price. 

Hagrid F2B mini-Bernedoodle

SKU: 21554345656
  • 1. Puppies will go home after she has had her first round of shots, her second worming and a healthy puppy checkup, and will be microchipped by our local vet.

    2. New pet parents will receive a binder with the results of her DNA testing, the DNA testing results from both of her parents, record on her shots and weight.

    3. A toy with Mom's scent on it will be sent home with each pup to help the transition to their new homer a bit easier.

    4. A small bag of food to assist in the transition to the food pet parents choose.

    Puppies will have been raised on a non-slip surface to allow movement with the support needed for developing muscles, ligaments, and joints, which has been shown to support growth while preventing hip disorders.

    Beginning on day one, our pups have been handled, gently stimulated through slow movement and short exposure to temperature changes to help them learn to self-regulate through small amounts of stress to prepare them for the transition from their littermates and Mom to their new family more easily. All of this is the Puppy Culture way which begins with daily neurological stimulation, aggression prevention, and ends with a basic introduction to potty training and walking on leash. This program aims to help the "puppy to be calm, enrichment seekers, ready to take on life's challenges with love and joy to spare" (