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Chippewa Valley Doodles

Responsible Doodle Breeders

Our Mamas


Eily Mae


Mini Aussiedoodle

We are family breeders that love our dogs and take breeding and raising our sweet companions very seriously. We are composed of 2 family breeders: Lazy Brook Doodles and Hope Valley Doodles.

Dan and Cathy love and raise Bernedoodles. They are a very small operation focusing on family pets with the best qualities from both the Berne and the Poodle breeds. They have fallen in love with Bernedoodles and want to spread their silly, goofy, friendly,  affectionate, and happy-go-lucky temperament  with others. Their dogs live in their house, sleep in our bed, and get lots of love, exercise, cuddles, and treats. Bergen is an F1B mini-Bernedoodle, Hazel is an F1 mini-Bernedoodle and Gus is a Moyen (small standard) F1 Bernedoodle and the Dad.

Brian and Kristi love and raise Aussiedoodles. Eily is a mini F1 Aussiedoodle. Her mom was a mini Australian shepherd weighing 32lbs. and her dad was a mini poodle weighing 6 lbs. She is a great size at 25lbs and amazing temperment. She is fantastic with kids. We are anticipating F1b aussiedoodle puppies Spring of 2023. 

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